Need a poster for you next film? Social media ads, covers, and profile pictures? Don't neglect your film's branding and advertising. Let us help you create a presence that will elevate your picture beyond the typical indie.

     With state of the art equipment and the best crew around, we will ensure your project's execution matches the quality of your vision. We have experience working with a broad range of budgets and production sizes, including both union and non-union films.

     We can handle editing, color, and sound, so you don't have worry about piecing together your post team and supervising a disjointed process. Our team will make the transition from production to post to deliverable seamless and stress-free.

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What makes us different

     We use state-of-the-art gear from Arri, RED, Mole Richardson and more to create content in 4k and beyond. This is the same equipment used on the sets of your favorite movies and television shows, so you can rest assured your project will look amazing. And with cutting edge technology like LED lighting systems from Mole and more sensitive cameras than ever, sets are more comfortable and efficient than ever before.

     Based in Raleigh, NC, Vertus Media provides the quality of large market productions while keeping our southern charm. We also understand the nuances of producing in the southeast, from hiring in a Right to Work state to local permitting and getting the most out of the region's varied locations. Plus, our relationships with local actors, talent agents, and casting directors can help streamline projects needing to get off the ground in a hurry.

     With in-house editing, color, and audio, getting your project completed is simple. Even better, if Vertus handles your design needs as well, all your assets are already archived in our systems, allowing for quick and easy integration into your marketing and consistent branding across all your advertising platforms. We're also happy to handle only the post production of projects if you have footage that needs to be cut, colored, or mixed.

     Our crews are experienced in corporate, industrial, advertising, and even narrative production environments. With credits including SAG feature films, national brand advertising, and projects with high-profile talent, you can rest assured that the team on your set will be both talented and professional. From the PA's to the DP, we only work with the best.

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